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What We Do

Ripple assists organizations with employee engagement, with a key focus on the millennial workforce.

Our range of services bridge the communication breakdown that occurs across the generational divide and equip employees with critical workplace skills.

  • Communication Skills Development – 90%
  • Team Building – 80%
  • Talent Development – 85%

Better Communicators

Satisfied Clients

Stronger Teams

Careers Improved

How The Ripple Coaching Program Works

The Ripple Coaching Program consists of 5 stages that have been designed to provide longlasting measurable change.  Download the brochure below for full details fn the program. 

What clients are saying

The feedback received from my team after ripple ran a session has been overwhelmingly positive. They ran a team feedback session and it was the perfect platform for the team to rise to any challenge, encourage each other, work together and celebrate their achievements along the way.

Lisa Sebogodi – Managing Director, Batsumi Travel.

Everyone, young and old, experienced and unexperienced, was touched by the team at ripple and I would recommend anyone to use them for a boost of motivation, thought provoking stories and development of your people.

Mauro Belotti – General Manager, Dimension Data.

The team at ripple point have a deepset desire to help and develop people. There programmes are real, touching and impacting to the core of all human beings. All I can say is that in one 2 hour session I have learnt more about myself and the team than in the last 15 years of my life. Thank you.

Michael Maphoto – Operations Director, Batsumi Travel.

This team is an up and coming superstar in the coaching space. They are a passionate, performing, people-focused team with the blind desire to uplift individuals, teams and communities. Watch out world, ripple are coming fast.

Alan Gibson – Managing Director, Oko Vusa.

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